Adult only time

February 8, 2013 in Adult only time, appreciation, Best of Both, couples, Friends, friendship, Fun, relationships, relaxation, vaccines, Valentine's Day, Work-Life Balance by MyBestofBothWorlds

Adult only weekend 🙂

Recently, I’ve featured a few posts about Quality Me Time, but what about grown-up time, adult only time, couples only time?  Have you and your significant other had any adult only time?

Our house has been so chaotic lately, I seriously can’t even believe its February.  It feels like Christmas was just yesterday.  What a whirlwind its been since December with the holidays, my son’s fifth birthday, my birthday, Yankee Fantasy Camp, my oldest returning to college after the break, my husband’s sinus surgery and then don’t forget Sean Eddie being sick for a week compounded by me getting the flu and causing us to miss our adoption reunion up at the farm.  Truth be told this last week in the house with me being so sick was not fun at all.  The saying if Mama ain’t happy, then nobody’s happy is the truth.  With patience already thin, it doesn’t take much to make a grumpy household for sure.

So even in the midst of semi coma brought on by the flu when I saw that one of our friends posted a countdown until “our adult only weekend away”, it made me smile.  My husband and I have been fortunate enough to go away for the weekend to the Poconos with two other couples, dear friends of ours.  We’ve done this adult only weekend about a half-dozen times over the last couple of years and we really look forward to it.  My Mom is terrific and babysits for us, which allows us to just be us.  Not Mommy and Daddy, just Kathleen and Shawn.

Not only do we enjoy each other’s company, but the company of our dear friends.  We are all blessed with wonderful families and children, however on this adult only weekend–it’s all about the grown-ups!  We have a rip-roaring time together, joking around and teasing each other.  We all get to go to dinner and not have to worry about cutting up meat or making sure they have chicken nuggets and fries.  Don’t get me wrong we all love our families and our children, but this get away let’s us re-charge and be better parents upon our return.

So hopefully with Valentine’s day drawing near, you and your honey can find some adult only time in your future, I know I’m looking forward to mine.