The vacation song and happy dance

January 28, 2013 in Best of Both, Disney, Family Fun, friendship, positive thinking, traditions, vacations, Work-Life Balance by MyBestofBothWorlds

Time to sing the vacation song

The vacation song and happy dance are an integral part of staring each and every vacation in our house. I mean who doesn’t love to be on VACATION?!? The lyrics to the song basically stay the same while the dance steps vary depending on who is performing.
The song is simple yet fun in nature and it goes: “I’m on vacation, I’m on vacation, la la la, la la la.” This is sung twice in the most sing-song gleeful voice you can muster. Then you are usually doing some type of strut around while singing. It cracks us all up. Last year when we went to Disney World we all did it.

Happy Times 🙂



Sometimes as soon as we hit the car in our respective parking lots my DH (darling husband) and I will call each other up and start singing. We’ve texted it and even posted it as a status. We’ve even infected others to sing along at times. It always seems to get us in the right mood which is happy and hopefully relaxed.
Just the other day, as I frantically racing against the clock as it was my last day of work before vacation, my friend Lynda  who writes the blog called Main Street Mama sent me an email that simply stated: Did you start singing yet?

Well can I tell you that simple one liner of an email put the biggest broadest smile on my face and yes I began to sing it in my head at my desk. Because I didn’t want my intern who was working right outside my office to think I lost it. I replied quickly to her email as such and thanked her for being such a good BFF. I was almost there.

Of course as soon as I turned off the computer and shut the lights I began to hum it. As I got outside and approached my car I did begin to sing out loud. I did refrain and waited to do the accompanying happy dance until I got in my driveway. Then as I entered my house and was greeted by my dog Aloha I broke it all out! “I’m on vacation, I’m on vacation, la la la, la la la.” Aloha and I danced around the living room.