New York Yankees fantasy camp here I come!!!

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Fantasy Camp here I come!!

New York Yankees fantasy camp here I come!!! I am SO EXCITED to be going next week!! If you a regular reader of My Best of Both Worlds, you know that I am a catcher and play softball with an awesome be it eclectic group of women.  One of my team mates sent an email last year about the camp to all of us.  I was at work, having somewhat of a stressful day and saw it, then went into a happy zen mode.  I called Jen immediately to see if she was serious about attending the camp and now the rest is history as we are ROOMIES!

We are both die hard New York Yankees fans.  All season long we’ve been talking about what if this player came or that player came to the camp, who would we just go crazy for if we got to meet them in person.  Of course we are both big fans of the Captain of the team Derek Jeter, but we knew he’d be a real long shot as he is still active on the team.  When he got  injured in the playoffs we were devastated and then hoped that maybe he’ll stop by since his house is not to far from George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, Fla..   We shall see what happens.

Over the last two years the camp has had Tino Martinez, Mickey Rivers, Mike Torrez, Homer Bush, Bucky Dent, Darryl Strawberry, Gil Patterson, Oscar Gamble and Al Downing attend their camp last year which has me a  happy camper!  But then the announcement that had me literally shaking because I am so THRILLED is as follows:

The New York Yankees fantasy camp today announced the participation of Laura and Jorge Posada at their third annual Women’s Mini-Fantasy Camp at George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, Fla., from January 17-20, 2013.

Posada, a five-time All-Star and five-time World Champion, will participate as an instructor and coach alongside his wife Laura, who will take part as a camper. Other husband and wife participants will include David and Nina Wells and Homer and Monica Bush.



Introduced in 2011, the Women’s Mini-Fantasy Camp is held at George M. Steinbrenner Field each January and provides participants an opportunity to dress in pinstripes and live the life of a New York Yankees player. Participants receive an authentic experience which includes an individual clubhouse locker and nameplate, a full Yankees uniform, supervision from the athletic training staff, access to the big league fields and full clubhouse service.

So do you think I’m a bit excited?!?  Well you’d be so correct in your thought process!!  This is a gift to me, for me, love me that I gave to myself.  My family is very excited for me as well.  They know my love for the game, the New York Yankees, and that Mommy needs to have some fun to balance it all.  For Christmas they got me under armor and for my birthday this week, they bought me two MLB official baseballs and cases.  So once I get my autographs, I can proudly display my New York Yankees’ baseballs. Wish me luck!


Disclaimer: My Best of Both Worlds received no compensation for this post.  This is a to me for me love me gift!!!