My husband is sexy!

January 16, 2013 in appreciation, Best of Both, husbands, love, relationships, teamwork, Work-Life Balance by MyBestofBothWorlds

My husband is sexy!  Is your husband as sexy as mine is?  Yes this is a family friendly blog, so don’t worry you can keep on reading.  My husband is sexy when he is being a good partner by helping with the household chores.  It started as somewhat of a joke, but in all seriousness, there is something to be said about when my husband helps clean up the kitchen. It is sexy!

A while back, he asked me a question and my reply was if you want to be really sexy you could help me by cleaning the stove.  And much to my shock and chagrin, he began to clean it.  It was sparkling by the time he was done.  I gave him a hug from behind and scratched his back as he was finishing up.  We were both in a good mood after that!

Truth be told neither one of us like to clean (really who does?), so when we have to straighten up the house, I’m usually not in the greatest of moods, as I would rather be doing just about anything else.  My husband realizes the importance of helping me get the job done faster, while making  me happier on multiple levels.  This has evolved over time and I teased him that I would be writing a blog about it.  For the record he even calls himself sexy now.  He’ll yell out from the kitchen, “Hey honey, look I’m being sexy”, as he empties the dishwasher.   Then what will usually occur is an appreciative hug and kiss.  This DOES make household chores much more tolerable in my book.  Especially when he empties the gooky stuff that gets stuck in the drain–ugh!!! My hero as he knows I find that repelling.

The fact that he understands my needs for sharing and balance, that neither one of us should get stuck doing it all by ourselves really makes whatever labor intensive chore so much easier to get through.  So I’m proud to say my husband is sexy!  It shows that we are a team and I really love him for it!

My husband is sexy!