Met Bill Braukman Monster Truck Jam Driver of Shock Wave

January 24, 2013 in Best of Both, Family friendly, Family Fun, interview, Live show, Work-Life Balance by MyBestofBothWorlds

Monster Jam driver Bill Braukman

Monster Jam driver Bill Braukman

Met Bill Braukman Monster Truck Jam driver of Shock Wave.  In anticipation for the Advance Auto Parts Monster Truck Jam show, I was presented with a wonderful opportunity to conduct a telephone interview a top Monster Truck Jam circuit driver by the name of Bill Braukman.

I was very intrigued by Mr. Braukman, who insisted I call him Bill after introductions were made and I told him just that.  You see, in my opinion, Bill is no ordinary Monster Truck Jam Driver, he actually travels to all of his shows accompanied by his wife Kim and children Jessica aged 19 and Billy aged 17.  For the Braukmans’ Monster Truck Jam is a family affair.  He told me that traveling together as a family has resulted in some of his most cherished memories as they been to so many great places and have met so many wonderful people, together!

Thirteen years ago as Bill puts it, he began to live the American Dream! Bought his own Monster Truck, named it Shock Wave and began competing on the circuit.  Of course My Best of Both Worlds’ readers know the secret is having it all is believing you already do! And according to Bill he does!

He and his wife Kim make their home in Somerville, New Jersey, through the years they have worked closely with school administration and teachers to ensure that their children were able to keep up with the workload required, even when they were taken out of school on Fridays to participate in the Monster Truck Jam circuit.  While there are accommodations made to maintain this lifestyle during the circuit season of January through March, Bill quickly added that his children didn’t miss important extra circular activities like football or cheerleading.

When asked about life on the road, Bill replied that everyone has a role to play.  His daughter Jessica a part-time college student in her first year of study makes sure that the operations of the day-to-day business are running smoothly.  From ensuring hotel reservations, to obtaining fuel and dealing with parts on order, Bill states his daughter is on top of it all.  Billy a junior in high school helps his father maintain the truck.  Billy will soon be driving his own truck as he is just about  ready to get his driver’s license on February 1st.  Father and son are currently building a monster truck to drive for the 2014 season.  And don’t think this sport is just for the boys-oh no!  In 2014, Bill’s daughter Jessica will be sporting her own truck called Be Aware.  It will be a pink and black monster truck bringing awareness to breast cancer – BE AWARE!

As we were wrapping up our time together, Bill asked my what is a blog and what was mine about.  Bill then admitted to being technologically challenged and still has a flip phone for making phone calls.  We shared a good laugh.  So I explained and gave him a bit of background about myself and the blog.  I then asked Bill how does he juggle and find balance in his work/ life world,to which he credited his wife Kim.  Bill said, “believe it or not, it’s all my wife!  She is the one who pulls us all together like the glue.  I know how to work and make money.  I know how to promote the business, but she is the brains behind the operation.  If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have anything at all.”

Bill’s last piece of advice for those that have never attended a Monster Truck Jam, ‘”Bring earplugs and enjoy!”

I’m really excited about seeing my first show on Friday at Nassau Coliseum and yes I will be bringing ear plugs!

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Shock Wave driven by Bill Braukman

Shock Wave driven by Bill Braukman

Disclaimer: No compensation was received for this post.  It was my utter pleasure to conduct this interview and provide another perspective on juggling family, work and life in general.