Finally on our way to Yankee Camp

January 31, 2013 in Baseball, Best of Both, Friends, Me Time, New York Yankee Fantasy Camp, New York Yankees, vacations, Women's Softball, Work-Life Balance by MyBestofBothWorlds

My Roomie Jenn & I getting excited as we are on our way to Yankee Fantasy Camp

Finally on our way to Yankee Camp.  So fast forward, I’m sitting on Jet Blue flight #59 to Tampa with my team mate from my Stingers softball team Jen.  Of course we both have our favorite Yankee shirts on.  I have the vintage 1976 Yankee hockey type jersey on that belonged to my Dad.  Speaking of which I dreamt of him the night before.  I know he’s just as excited as I am up in heaven with the other Yankee greats, but I digress.  As we are sitting in the terminal chatting away about how our husbands are going to hold down the forts in our absence, we spot another woman that has a Yankee cell phone holder.  She stops in front of us and asks if we are heading to camp too.

Of course our smiles broaden as we answer yes in unison. Jo introduces herself and her Mom, Betty.  We get to talking only to find out that she plays in the Valley Stream softball league too on the Wax Ferraro team.  What a small world!   Jo is a return camper vet-this is her third year!  She has attended the previous two years and starts to recant all of the fun times she’s experienced.  I didn’t think there was a way to get more pumped for the trip, but Jen and I are so psyched hearing all about what we are going to get to experience.  She even showed us pictures from her previous trips.  We are all hoping that the Yankee Captain Derek Jeter makes an appearance as his BFF Jorge Posada will be at camp this year.  Well we can all hope can’t we!

Wearing my Dad’s 1976 vintage hockey Yankee jersey at the house that Ruth built in 2010 with my daughters, Kaitlyn & Kristen