VidaCup Coffee Review-Guest Blog

December 13, 2012 in Best of Both, coffee, Product review by MyBestofBothWorlds

VidaCup Coffee Review-Guest Blog by my Geraldine Kennedy a.k.a My Mom

A New & Different Way to Think About Your Coffee 

My mornings start the same every day…To get me going I need my morning coffee.  My favorite brands are Folgers and Chock Full of Nuts, have tried many others and these two seem to taste the best.

However, my daughter who writes the “My Best of Both Worlds” blog asked if I would do a product test for her.  The makers of VidaCup sent her samples of their coffee and asked her to try them, she know I love my coffee so…….

VidaCup is a single serving packet, however it differs from Keuring and the other single cup servings.  With the others you need a machine to brew it, with VidaCup it comes in an easy to open foil packet.  You add to either hot or cold water, stir and PRESTO you have a cup of coffee. This is a fabulous idea and I wish I had them when I recently went to Paris. I did not have a coffee pot in my room, so before I could have a cup, I had to get dressed to go down to the dining room to get some. This is not the ideal situation for someone who does not do well communicating with others before her first cup of coffee. How wonderful it would have been to have VidaCup with me to be able to open a packet and add to a cup of hot water.

They have a couple of different brews, this morning, I am trying the VidaCup Mo Joe and although I like my coffee a bit stronger, the ease of making it was great, no waiting for pot to brew or having to clean the pot later.  The coffee did taste very good and did give me that jolt I look for in my coffee. It was enjoyable and refreshing. I definitely would use VidaCup Mo Joe again. Tomorrow I will be trying their Ageless Brew, I hope it’s just as good or maybe even better

Well, it’s tomorrow.  And I’m trying the VidaCup Ageless Brew latte. Oh my goodness, it’s absolutely yummy. It has a slightly sweet taste and is wonderful. I think I found my favorite. It has a delightful taste and perked me up immediately, what a great way to start your day. I added a little half and half to it to enhance the great flavor some more.

I definitely would purchase and use VidaCup, why don’t you try it and decide for yourself.


Disclaimer: My Best of Both Worlds did not receive compensation other than the samples for this review.  All opinions expressed are My Mom’s and she doesn’t lie!!