Tis the season to be tipping

December 21, 2012 in Best of Both, Finances, Tipping etiquitte, Work-Life Balance by MyBestofBothWorlds

Tis the season to be tipping

From the nanny / babysitter to  the teacher(s), to the doormen, to the mailman, to the garbage men, to the Girl Scout or Boy Scout leader,  to the coach, and of course our hair stylists and nail techs one thing they all have in common is Tis the season to be tipping!   What is the proper Christmas tipping etiquette to ensure jolly holidays all around?  I don’t think you have to bust your budget to make people who you interact with feel appreciated.

We were just talking about this very topic last weekend when I mentioned Tis the season for tipping and asked who do you tip at the holidays.  And my friend’s mother responded we tip everyone.  She then went on to describe their family’s practice.  With practical concerns of sticking to a budget how does one do this.  The list above goes on and on and on.

That’s where my homemade chocolates come in, I do believe that homemade gifts like chocolate or baking carry great weight and are appreciated more than some $5 or $10 throw away gift that will become a dust collector.  Additionally I usually add a $10 gift card to a local coffee place for the teachers.  As for my hairdresser, I give her cash in the same amount of my actual bill at Christmas time.

So the first step is to make a list and figure out who you want to tip.  Then see how much you have to spend towards this endeavor and divide it by the number of people on your list.  Then no matter if the gift is cash, a homemade treat or a combination a short hand written note should be included so it is personal and a sincere gesture of thanks.

Want to get some recommendations about who to tip and how much?  There is a short quiz ten questions in total to test you tipping knowledge.  Kiplinger’s Who should you tip for the holidays?

Many of the people on the tip list really help enrich my family’s life or at the very least help lighten my load, so being able to express gratitude is important to me.  I’m sure that I also get better service through out the year due to our generosity.