Return or re-gift

December 26, 2012 in Best of Both, Christmas, Christmas Shopping, Shopping Strategies by MyBestofBothWorlds

return or re-gift

Return or regift? That is the question of the day?  There’s always something from someone that begs the question return or re-gift?  When I shop for anyone, be it a birthday, Christmas or otherwise, I attach a receipt and leave the price tag on.  This is something I must attribute to my practical Mom (thanks Mom).  Through the years she said, if it was good enough to give and the person was going to like the gift the price tag shouldn’t matter at all.  We still do this today and  celebrate if we got an especially good deal or bargain.

We certainly enjoyed Christmas Eve having all of our family and chosen family (special friends) over for dinner.  All the cooking and preparation was certainly worth the effort and enjoyed by all.  The one thing I can’t even begin to contemplate is having company over on Christmas itself.    The best way to describe my house at the moment is that the Tazmeinain devil himself blew through while he was chasing the Roadrunner.  And if your house looks anything like mine, there was no where to sit as gifts covered every inch of both of the couches.  Perhaps an episode of hoarders comes to mind to describe having to snake through the maze of paper, boxes, various wrappings and STUFF on the floor.  There are piles of toys, books, dvds, clothes all over.   Then off to the side of the dining room table there’s a small pile of gifts that will be re-gifted because they are duplicates or just not my daughters’ cup of tea.

My oldest daughter will be braving the crowds on this day after Christmas by heading back to the mall today to do a few returns.  Ironically the returns are of things she sent to my Mom via links on line, so her Gramma would get just the right size and color.  Except trying things on to make sure you like how they look is important!! Good thing Gramma attached all the receipts!

What will be happening in your house today a return or re-gift?