Christmas nutcrackers are a family tradition

November 30, 2012 in Best of Both, Christmas, Holiday, traditions by MyBestofBothWorlds

christmas nutcrackersChristmas nutcrakcers are a tradition in our house.  Each year my DH, Mom and I are always on the lookout for Christmas nutcrackers that reflect our children’s interests or are funky or unique.   We love searching for just the right ones as much as love getting to open them up on Christmas Eve.

On Christmas Eve, after church we always host a huge family dinner with family and lots of friends to celebrate.  While our family looks forward to this annual event with great anticipation, my children also look forward to when everyone leaves as that is the signal for them to receive their Christmas nutcrackers.

On the bottom of each of the Christmas nutcrackers is the child’s name and year it was given.  At this point, we have so many Christmas nutcrackers that each child only gets to display about a half a dozen.  What I like about these gifts is that once the kids grow up (which is happening way too fast!) they can take these gifts with them into their new homes.  And eventually when they have families of their own they have a shared piece of their childhoods with them.  They can reflect on many happy memories as they unpack and display them.

Some of our favorite Christmas nutcrackers include a teacher nutcracker, a santa nutcracker and violin player nutcracker.  The kids really love this tradition.  We have close to thirty nutcrackers around the house at this point and the collection is still growing.

Most of the time, we purchase the Christmas nutcrackers at local drugstores or chain stores.  Sometimes, I get really lucky and find cool ones AFTER Christmas when they are on sale at a deep discount.  The ones we’ve purchased range from $15- $25 each.  I have seen some collectable Christmas nutcrackers for as much as $300- $400 a piece, but that seems alittle out of our price range for this fun tradition.  The ones we find and give are just as special as if we spent a million on them!Christmas nutcrackerChristmas nutcracker

Christmas nutcracker