Bah Hum Bug no real Christmas tree for me!

November 26, 2012 in Best of Both, Christmas, Holiday, Work-Life Balance by MyBestofBothWorlds

Bah Hum Bug no real Christmas tree for me.  That’s right I’m such a mean Mom, since I won’t give in and get a real Christmas tree.  My college aged daughter even made a plea on my Facebook Wall to see if she could solicit support and persuade me.

Not a chance! My Best of Both Worlds is about balancing and juggling family life and work.  This real tree thing does not help me with balance and I can’t juggle anymore so Bah Hum Bug!  Quite frankly this just isn’t in the cards.  Even certain BFF’s of mine took up the cause, and invited us to go make a day out of it, by posting links to lovely places where we could drive several hours with three kids in the car (even with the gaps in age of 18, 13, and 4 they still fight in the car).

Then once we arrive, we get to go out into the cold wooded area to chop down our own tree-did I mention its cold?!?  Chopping down a tree-hmmm—I am a lot of things and am game most of the time, hey I even rode a camel this summer for my son’s sake, but really I think I need to draw the line somewhere and here seems like a good place.

My DH (Darling Husband) actually bought the most beautiful and in my opinion most fantastic tree that has while lights already pre-strung-so no more fighting with tangled messes of lights!   Two big thumbs up for that purchase.

While I’m sure my friends had a wonderful day of family bonding in the cold fresh air with the wonderful hearty aroma of pine engulfing them- I think I’ll stick with our yearly trek down to the basement to get our pre-strung beautiful tree and light a pine scented candle instead without any trace of Mommy guilt.