Stinky Kids anti-bullying message & giveaway

October 17, 2012 in Best of Both, Bullying, Giveaway, Kids by MyBestofBothWorlds

October is anti-bullying awareness month, and while bullying seems ever-present throughout the world as seen in Bullying a harsh reality, you may ask what can we do as parents to make the world a bit kinder and perhaps a bit safer?  I say teach our children in the formative years to recognize others’ feelings early on in their lives.  Stinky Kids’ anti-bullying message can help start a discussion.

That’s where Britt Menzies renowned children’s author and creator of Stinky Kids comes to mind.  I had the distinct pleasure to meet her last month at Disney’s on the Road Event.  I was inspired after hearing her story of her daughter asking to paint her as a ballerina.  Britt always referred to her young children as little stinkers-when referring to their age appropriate behaviors.

This diverse group of ten “little stinkers”, each with their own unique qualities.  The Stinky Kids series helps children learn to make right choices and reminds them to “Always Be A Leader of Good”.  Their heartwarming, funny and real-life adventures capture the true innocence of childhood and the lessons we learned through our mistakes.

What also impressed me about Britt was since the inception of Stinky Kids is  the fact that she puts her money were her motto is about “Always Be A Leader of Good” by donating a portion of her proceeds to Books, Bears and Bonnets, Inc., a charity founded in honor of Britt’s aunt, who died from uterine cancer. Books, Bears and Bonnets, Inc., delivers gift boxes to children and adults fighting cancer andother life-threatening illnesses.

Her latest book titled Stinky Kids- Have a Heart, follows the Stinky Kids bunch on what seems like a regular day down at the pool.   The problem arises when one of the gang offers to buy everyone ice-cream, but it has to be her favorite flavor, leaving no choice in the matter.  This of course turns into an issue when one of the girls orders a different flavor and is called a name, then told she’d have to pay for it herself.  This of course causes a split in the group and hurt feelings.  Eventually it gets resolved, when the life guard notices how no one is playing and everyone looks sad.  It’s these little life lessons that I think will help shape our world for the better and hopefully eradicate bullying.

Britt would like to offer one lucky reader of My Best of Both Worlds a Stinky Kids Tee Shirt- the reader can choose their favorite character and size.  Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win!  Contest ends at midnight Wednesday 10/24/12.