Positive Thinking

October 8, 2012 in Best of Both, positive thinking, Work-Life Balance by MyBestofBothWorlds

Positive thinking

Positive thinking day was September 13, I guess I missed it with all the back to school activities we’ve encountered, completing all the emergency forms, signing permission slips, writing checks, PTA memberships etc.  At My Best of Both Worlds we are very much into positive thinking and juggling it all.  Why waste energy on anything else?

Choosing to think positively can really change your outlook and how people react to you.  I generally start every business email with the words Good Day and on my out going away from my desk phone message I leave off with Make it a great day.  Why?  Because you can make it a great day by choosing to do so.

There are many many things that can bother or annoy us during the course of the day, traffic, missing cell phone, lost keys, my motto is that if this is the worse thing that happens to me I’m ahead of most of the world.  Sure this sounds alittle corny–but even my kids know the drill now and repeat the mantra back to me finishing my sentence.

A while back after reading Stephen Covey, 7 Habits of Effective People, I latched onto the 90/10 rule.  Basically 10% of life is made up of what happens to us, 90% of life is decided by how we react to it.  You can NOT control every situation ONLY the way you react to what has occurred.  One of the examples was simple, a Dad was sitting down to breakfast with his wife and daughter.  The young girl knocks over the cup of coffee, ruining his business shirt.  The father yells at the girl, making her cry, criticizes his wife for keeping the cup so close to the edge which turns into a small argument.  The father goes upstairs to change his shirt, comes down to find his daughter crying so hard, she hasn’t finished her breakfast, he now has to drive her to school since she has missed the bus.  He and his wife do not say good-bye to one another, he drives to fast to get her to school and gets a speeding ticket.  Once at school, his daughter gets out, does not say good-bye and runs to the school yard.  This day just keeps getting worse.  Who’s at fault? The daughter for spilling the coffee, the wife for putting the cup too close to the edge, the police officer for writing a ticket, or the Dad for his reaction?  Covey goes on to explain, that if the Dad CHOSE to gently tell the daughter to be more careful next time, all the rest of the negative chain reaction would not have occurred.

Give yourself permission to let go of the little things and to employ positive thinking.  It takes practice, but what have you got to lose??? Oh yeah, stress, irritation, aggravation and negativity!  Remember to MAKE IT A GREAT DAY!