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Target Halloween Party with Soleil Moon Frye

October 12, 2012 in Best of Both, Halloween, Kids by MyBestofBothWorlds

My Best of Both Worlds was invited to Manhattan last week for a  Target Halloween party with Soleil Moon Frye, Target’s Mom Ambassador! We were at the Target Studios in
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The facts about mammography

October 10, 2012 in Best of Both, mammography, women's health by MyBestofBothWorlds

As I’m sure many of you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  As a radiologic technologist with over twenty years experience, I wanted to bring the readers of My
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Win a My Gym membership for a year plus a free birthday party

October 9, 2012 in Best of Both, fitness, Kids by MyBestofBothWorlds

    Voting in the presidential election is important…so is voting for your family’s fitness.  Exercise your child’s right for fun-filled activities, gymnastics, sports and more.  Take advantage of one
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Positive Thinking

October 8, 2012 in Best of Both, positive thinking, Work-Life Balance by MyBestofBothWorlds

Positive thinking day was September 13, I guess I missed it with all the back to school activities we’ve encountered, completing all the emergency forms, signing permission slips, writing checks,
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Bare feet at formal parties

October 5, 2012 in Best of Both, Sweet 16 by MyBestofBothWorlds

Is it me? Or is there a new trend and I missed it?  Trust me it wouldn’t be the first time.  What is with the all the bare feet at
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So emotional – confessions of a Sappy Sap

October 3, 2012 in Best of Both, College age, Emotions by MyBestofBothWorlds

Who knew I’d be so emotional?  I have come to the conclusion that I indeed am a SAPPY SAP.  Family weekend up at Cortland delivered as much fun as it
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Dark Shadows Giveaway

October 1, 2012 in Best of Both, Giveaway, Movies by MyBestofBothWorlds

Warner Bros. Pictures is proud to announce the release of Dark Shadows on DVD and Blu-Ray October 2nd 2012; along with the Dark Shadows Blog App!  I love Johnny Depp
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