Hair Cut Dilemma

September 12, 2012 in beauty, Best of Both, friendship g by MyBestofBothWorlds

hair cut dilemma

hair cut dilemma

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of getting together with our very special extended family, our adoption group, as one of our daughters was making her Bat Mitzvah.  During the course of the weekend, after the chatter about how big all of our girls have gotten, delighting in seeing them re-unite and talk about how it was to drop our first time college kids off-we got onto other topics, hence the hair cut dilemma.

One of the moms (who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent) asked the group for some advice.  Here is the situation: her very dear dear friend has been doing her hair for over 20 years.  She loves the color, as the post says its a hair cut dilemma!  She doesn’t want to hurt her feelings, because she really loves her friend, but can’t stand how her hair is styled.

So what to do? What to do?  A sticky situation to say the least, but what’s the best solution to this hair cut dilemma?

My advice was to say that while she was visiting New York, I insisted that she try my stylist since I was getting my hair done for the party.

What would you do?  How would you handle it?  Please post your suggestions–I know she will be looking forward to hearing them!