Eclectic Group of Women

September 26, 2012 in Best of Both, Women's Softball, Work-Life Balance by MyBestofBothWorlds

eclectic group of womenI am part of a very eclectic group of women.  This group is comprised of a CPA, two NYPD officers, a chemistry technician, a bounty hunter, a senior IT design engineer, a speech pathologist, lead network engineer, a nursery school teacher’s assistant, an IT manager, a NYC junior high school teacher, a bookkeeper, a multi-level marketer, a school bus driver,  a stay at home mom or as she refers to herself as the CEO of Domestic Affairs,  a retired FAA employee,  and me a director of a radiology department so what do we all have in common?

Ok- I’ll give you a few more clues.  The age range of this varied group goes from 31- 62.   They can often be found chanting things like, “It hurts with two! It hurts with two! One, two, three, three, two, one, what she said!!  Open those hips! Level Arms, Level Eyes! Good Eye Good Eye it hit the dish!”   They also give each other nick names: Bling Bling, Idol, Tuesday, and GPS are among some of them.   Some are die hard Yankee fans, some go hard for the Mets. Any guesses yet?

This eclectic  group of women form what is better known as the Stingers Softball Team. And while the team maybe fiercely divided over Yankees vs the Mets we come together when we have our Stingers jerseys on and take the field.

I’ve had the pleasure of playing with this awesome group of women for close to ten years.  We’ve been through the mill on and off the field, but I’d never want to get traded from this special team.  I look forward to our games as much as the afterward festivities at the bar that sponsors our team- Stingers.

This blog is about family work life balance and this team helps me with my balance.  Playing softball is my me time!  Even though I’m not the best player on team (my wonderful husband got me batting lessons this year for my birthday-but that’s another blog about the most awesome thoughtful gifts that has yet to be written)-this group has always encouraged me to be at my best and has accepted me with all my faults on and off the field.

There is nothing better than playing a game with a team you love, sharing laughs, bloopers and good times.  Last season, I found myself on base only to have Lee (who has THE LONGEST LEGS EVER) running behind me–Oh Boy–did I have a heart attack as she could pass me by bearly speed walking on her part.  Boy did we all have a good laugh at that one as the third base coach said I’d better RUN–look who will be chasing me!

We’ve endured bad calls and umps that order Chinese food during our late game and hurry us along to finish up!  We’ve had our share of injuries, battle scars and even tears.  A few years ago we fought our way through the season, the playoffs and then were finally defeated for the championship title when we lost the best two out of three.  We were so close, we worked so hard–then Jenn brought us all around home plate to share some special news with us–she was pregnant! Well the tears of defeat turned into tears of happiness!!!

I’m hoping to continue to play ball with these girls for a long time to come and enjoy their company on and off the field!