Knot Genie to Avoid Morning Meltdowns: Contest and Coupon

August 23, 2012 in Best of Both, discount coupon, Kids by MyBestofBothWorlds

With the introduction of four new Knot Genie colors in our limited edition Back to School Collection, we’re also running a fun contest. The contest is called, the Knot Genie Back to School Morning Meltdown contest. If you’re a parent, you’ve probably experienced a foot stomping-shrieking-morning meltdown at that critical time when you’re trying to get your child off to school. Recount (if it’s not to painful) your worst meltdown and how you diffused the situation and enter your story in our contest. Ask your friends and family to vote for your entry and you could win $500.00. The first 50 people to enter will get great prizes just for participating.  Just click here for the link to the contest.

Here’s a coupon code for $4 Off Coupon off the Knot Genie.

So here’s my entry in the contest:
When my oldest daughter Kaitlyn was about 6 years old–getting ready for a birthday party, she tried to do her own hair and got the round brush rolled up in her long hair – talk about hair-snare drama! Oh the tears, the shrieking, the arms flailing and folded and then foot stomping that ensued. SO not pretty. Once we got the offending instrument out of her hair, we still had to contend with the snarly mess of knots as well as the rest of her head–no easy task.

I don’t have to say that we were late for the birthday party and her pretty little eyes were swollen from so much crying. I was totally spent after that ordeal. The last thing I wanted to do was spend about 90 minutes with a group of energetic first graders–I needed a nap!!! But, we all know a Mom’s work is never done!

I hope you enjoyed my story, now go share yours! Good luck!